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In an effort to improve transparency and reproducible research, I will be posting data and code from published papers here.
This is work in progress so please bear with me during the process!
For specific requests, please email me at ccharpen at caltech dot edu.

Charpentier et al (2021) How representative are neuroimaging samples? Large-scale evidence for trait anxiety differences between MRI and behaviour-only research participants. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

Data and code available on github: Trait_anxiety_MRI_BH [URL]

Charpentier et al (2020) A neuro-computational account of arbitration between choice imitation and goal emulation during human observational learning. Neuron.

Pre-registration: OSF registry [URL]

Behavioral data: OSF project [URL]

fMRI data: NeuroVault [URL]

Code available on github: ObsLearn_arbitration [URL]

Charpentier et al (2018) Valuation of knowledge and ignorance in mesolimbic reward circuitry. PNAS.

Data and code available on github: Info_seeking_PNAS [URL]

Charpentier et al (2017) Enhanced risk aversion, but not loss aversion, in unmedicated pathological anxiety. Biological Psychiatry.

Data available on figshare: Risk and Loss aversion in pathologically anxious and matched control individuals [URL]

Charpentier et al (2016) Anxiety promotes memory for mood-congruent faces but does not alter loss aversion. Scientific Reports.

Data available on figshare: Working memory and gamble under threat [URL]

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